Franchise Opportunity

The Charge Point franchise opportunity is simple and effective. It all revolves around our Charge Point mobile phone charging units.
Charge Point provides a convenient and secure charging method for the public, while at the same time generating additional revenue.
Our franchise model offers a simple and effective business that returns great financial rewards for franchisees at a low investment level.
Once a Charge Point is installed it rarely requires any further attention giving you a great passive income.
With millions of handsets within the UK, the commercial opportunities for a phone charging business are almost limitless.
Consumers are increasingly attracted to experience-driven dining and retail. Charge Point capitalises on this growing demand.
The ideal business to run from home, keeping overheads to a minimum and maximising the return on your investment.
Installation is simple. Basic DIY skills are beneficial but if required we can arrange training.
We operate in localised territories, which means that you can build up your business quickly and generate income almost immediately.

Do you have the skills to run a franchise?

Although you don’t need a lot of business experience, there are a number of skills you should have to build a successful Charge Point franchise.
One of the most important skills you require is the ability to communicate – to sell to venues, and to build a good reputation for your business.
You should be a motivated person because that’s what it’s going to take to get your franchise up and running. If you’re not motivated to continually improve, your business will not thrive.
The responsibility for business growth should be your number one priority. A franchisee with a passion for success and for Charge Point will go above and beyond to make their business successful.
While the Charge Point franchise is easy to get off the ground, you will need to work hard. If you have energy and dedication you will succeed.
No matter what industry you’ve worked in to date, the skills you’ve gained will prove beneficial on the road to becoming a successful franchisee. Be confident in your abilities.
A franchisee requires basic financial knowledge, including how to figure out profit and loss, and how to do accounting for the business. A successful franchisee will have a strong understanding of their business and personal finances.

The Franchise in Numbers

A fast growing network with huge potential for passive income

RORY – CARDIFF FRANCHISEE“Charge Point takes the best aspects of vending and leaves the problematic ones behind.“

“Being a franchisee for Charge Point has turned out to be a very good decision for my business. In Charge Point, we have an autonomous product that consistently generates revenue, with very little upkeep and maintenance needed.

Operating within the franchise network with Charge Point is also a breeze. The Charge Live platform easily enables you to upload all the site specific information to a platform that is viewable from any internet connected device.“

LAURENCE – JERSEY FRANCHISEE“Being able to see each month’s takings grow is a fantastic feeling.“

“I was looking for a franchise opportunity that would generate a dependable revenue stream, simply and effectively. With this in mind, Charge Point was perfect for me! The chance to offer venues a product that gives their customers access to a genuinely desirable service, doesn’t present itself daily.

Before approaching Charge Point, I wasn’t familiar with the vending industry. Thankfully, the support of the team I was able to get my business up and running incredibly quickly. Routine tasks are made simple too, thanks to The Charge Live platform – a facility that allows me to access machine information from my laptop, tablet and even my phone!“

DERMOT – BELFAST FRANCHISEE“I feel very privileged to be a part of this amazing business“

“With my last role as a Business Coach for a company that was franchised I knew I wanted to be self employed after I left. I spent months looking for the right opportunity and thankfully in early 2018 I stumbled across Charge Point. I am now the Franchisee for all of Ireland after initially only purchasing the N.Ireland territory. Only 2 weeks later I asked if I have the rest of Ireland.

Charge Point has given me and my young family a life changing business, offering an amazing product that is easy to sell, easy to maintain but more importantly easy to grow into a profitable business.“


Charge Point are now looking to appoint master franchisees throughout Europe, North America and Asia. By the end of 2019 there will be over 5 billion mobile (cell) phone users worldwide, and that sort of market creates a huge opportunity for a phone charging franchise like Charge Point. We’re already running a successful franchise network in the UK and Ireland and know that our Charge Point’s and franchise model will work well in any international market. Phone charging is big business, and Charge Point will be your route to success. Get in touch now for more information.
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