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Tutorial5 Top Tips to Increase your iPhone Battery Life

November 16, 2014by CP

iPhone users regularly become frustrated with the short battery life, so we thought we should share our 5 top tips on how to increase the life of your battery:

1. Reduce the brightness of your iPhone as it uses more energy when on full. Reducing the brightness helps your battery life and also reduces the strain on your eyes.

2. Turn Siri Off if you don’t use it. Siri waits in the background and can use a lot of energy.

3. Turn Wi-Fi, Cellular Data and Bluetooth off when not in use. Try to avoid using both Cellular Data and Wi-Fi at the same time. If at home, use just Wi-Fi and turn off other Data.

4. Charge your phone quicker and save battery life. Put it into “Airplane Mode” when charging. This is a handy trick if using a Charge Point to ensure you get the best charge possible for your £1!

5. Close down apps running in the background by double clicking the home button and swiping up to close them.
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