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New Charge Point LocationFeeling festive and full-charged at Liberty Wharf

November 28, 2014by CP

Tis the season to be jolly. And jolly often means accidentally ending up in Mimosa until 2am. Three nights in a row…

But the jolly good news is that a flat phone battery won’t ruin your night. There are now 6, yes SIX, phone-charging cabinets available in the Charge Point at Liberty Wharf. So you can nip out and lock your phone away to charge, while you tear up the dance floor. Or make better use of your time in the queue!

What better way to work off a hangover than Christmas shopping? While you cheerily choose thoughtful gifts for your loved ones (not on Christmas Eve at 4pm please) you can let Charge Point take care of your phone. You’ll find the new, bigger Charge Point just by the Weighbridge entrance.
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