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CharityCharity PointCharity Point Launches in Jersey with Jersey Hospice Care

August 20, 2019by CP

Charge Point is excited to announce the launch of Charity Point in Jersey with Jersey Hospice Care.

Just last week, Jersey Hospice Care introduced our Charity Point Contactless giving terminals across the island. 

If you weren’t already aware, Jersey Hospice Care provides specialist palliative care for everyone who requires it in Jersey, irrespective of the cause, and provides support to their family and loved ones. The annual cost to run Jersey Hospice Care’s charitable services in 2018 was in excess of £6.7 million (£18,600 per day), and so fundraising is vital for the charity to continue its services. Take a look at what services Jersey Hospice Care provides

The charity’s town fundraising shop in Union Street, features a contactless terminal within the window display, allowing passers-by to tap the window and make a fixed donation as they go by. Alongside the window display, the giving terminals are being trialled in the Channel Islands Co-operative Society’s two Grande Marché stores, as well as Café JAC, Bean Around the World, Pizza Hut and La Mare Vineyards. 

The cash-free alternative has been taken on by Jersey Hospice Care in the hope to boost donations and address the decreasing number of donators carrying loose change. With cash usage on the decline, it is ever more so important for charities to secure donations from contactless payments.

Lightweight, simple to use, and with the option to be battery-powered, the terminal can become portable – replacing the need for traditional charity collection buckets. 

As well as being used in replacement of collection buckets, the Charity Point terminals can also be secured on a countertop, be mounted on a wall or in a window, or be supplied with a floor stand to take donations in a venue.

Our tap-and-go Contactless giving terminals can provide charities with the opportunity to accept donations electronically and securely no matter the location. Ultimately, we hope our Charity Points will remove the barrier of having ‘no spare change’ and make it simple for donors to donate. 

If you would like to find out more information on our Charity Point Contactless giving terminals, please get in touch
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