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NewsWe’re Going Contactless

August 29, 2019by CP

As the popularity of contactless and mobile payments continues to rapidly increase, official data reveals that 1 in 10 adults in the UK is now choosing to live a predominantly cashless life. 

To keep up with adapting consumer trends, Charge Point is excited to announce that we will be accepting Contactless payments in 2020. Our phone charging stations will be able to accept this form of payment in order to bridge the gap between customers carrying around fewer coins and the growth of contactless. 

According to data published by UK Finance, 6.3 billion payments were made using contactless debit cards in 2018, with contactless payments forecasted to account for 37% of all payments made by 2028. 

Although, it’s not just cards! Contactless payments also come in the form of mobile payment services such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Rather than cash, many consumers are now reaching for their wallets or smartphones to pay for low-value purchases.

It is evident that opting for this technology on our Charge Point phone charging stations will ensure that mobile phone charging will stay convenient and in line with the consumer. We’ll keep you posted on social media as we launch our contactless charging stations next year. 

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