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CharityCharity PointMacmillan Contactless Giving Charity Points Now Available at Café Ube

October 21, 2019by CP

In partnership with JPrestaurants, Macmillan contactless giving Charity Points are now available at all Café Ube locations. 

If you weren’t already aware, Macmillan Cancer Support Jersey is an independent local charity in place to support individuals and their loved ones, through diagnosis and treatment and adjusting to life beyond cancer. 

In Jersey each year, around 500 new cancers are diagnosed which can be devastating news for both the person diagnosed and their families and friends. Macmillan is in place to support and empower anybody affected by cancer in Jersey. It costs Macmillan Jersey £6,179 per week to run, and they solely rely on the generosity of Islanders, local business and trusts. As evident, fundraising is vital for the charity to continue its services. 

The Charity Point terminals in support of Macmillan Jersey are available at all three Café Ube locations in St Helier, including Colombiere, Liberation Station and King Street, with the first day seeing more than 30 donations. 

Café Ube Locations
Café Ube Locations

Debit cards alone have already taken over cash and by 2021, it is predicted that only 27% of transactions will include cash or coins. As we move towards a cashless society, charities are now looking to develop their fundraising efforts by introducing contactless donation points. 

As Macmillan Jersey is JPrestaurants chosen charity for 2019/2020, they have taken on the cash-free alternative within their venues in the hope to boost donations for the local charity and address the decreasing number of donators carrying loose change. 

Macmillan Cancer Support Jersey have said how grateful they are for the support from JPrestaurants. 

If your company would like to support your chosen charity with a partnership on contactless giving, please get in touch
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