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New Charge Point LocationCharge Point Checks in to the Apollo

April 21, 2016by CP

As I write this, I’m sat a 45 minute flight from my house without my charger, whilst my thirsty iPhone does its worst to cling onto a measly 26% of its remaining juice. Nowadays, our chargers are part of the furniture, and from time to time we’ll forget to chuck them into our hand luggage. If this hasn’t happened to you yet, there’s still time!

In an effort to keep you connected while you’re on the move, we’re installing Charge Points at hotels throughout the UK and the Channel Islands, the most recent of which are at the fabulous Apollo in Basingstoke. They’ve been hooked up with not one, but two, of our Charge Point ONE machines! So, whether its business, leisure, or you’re just as forgetful as I am, ensure your device is always on top of its game!

Apollo CP 1

Apollo CP 2
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